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7 Tips to Get on the Property Ladder

Get started on the property ladder, its your best investment!
Despite the much publicised problems in the US Housing Market, there are still many long term advantages to buying a house in preference to renting. Buying a house has historically been a good investment; since 1945, house prices have increased faster than inflation and have also outperformed the stock market. Also, buying a house gives you the opportunity to live rent free when you have paid off the mortgage. Mortgages do fluctuate with interest rates. However, generally, mortgages become easier to pay over time.
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Stop Throwing Away Rent Money.

You can get on to the first step of the property ladder with a little help from dealfinders.
f you\'re like most renters, you feel trapped within the walls of a house or apartment that doesn\'t feel like yours because it just isn\'t. Did you know, by agreement, you\'re not even allowed to bang in a nail or two without permission? You feel like you\'re stuck in the renter\'s rut with no way of rising up out of it and owning your own home. Well don\'t feel trapped any more!
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How to Avoid 9 Common Buyer Traps BEFORE Buying a Home

In the Home buying Game you can \"Avoid the Cats and Grab the cheese,\" just like in the Mouse Trap game.
Buying a home is a major investment no matter which way you look at it. But for many homebuyers, it\'s an even more expensive process than it needs to be because many fall prey to at least a few of many common and costly mistakes which trap them into either paying too much for the home they want, or losing their dream home to another buyer or, worse, buying the wrong home for their needs.
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Real Estate Appraisal

When you buy, sell, or refinance, real estate appraisals are an essential part of all real estate transactions. Learn how to save money by selecting a competent real estate Appraiser and using their important valuation and consulting services for your benefit.
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Home Inspection

A home inspection is a professional, objective, visual examination of the condition of a home. The home inspection is done at the buyer’s expense and you may choose from a number of qualified professionals. The inspector will check the general condition of the property as well as for lead paint, radon, pest infestation, etc. This inspection is an opportunity for you to discover everything about the condition of the property. If you are not satisfied with the inspection results, you can either try to renegotiate or withdraw from the transaction with all deposits returned in full. More information on Home inspections...
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Step by Step Guide to the Buying Process

This article will explain The Buying Process in a Step-by-Step Guide. It will explain the basic steps involved in buying a home, from the Initial meeting and Searching for a home to the Final Walk Thru and Closing.
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Home Buying Tips

Five Home Buying Tips that will help you save Thousands, Avoid Nine Buyer Traps, Explain Mortgage Regulation Changes and How a Zero Cash Down payment program can work for you!
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Home Buying Help
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